When You’re Gone…

Image by yogesh more from Pixabay

Years and years from today,
When you slip into your deepest slumber,
How will the world remember you?
Have you thought what will you leave behind?

When they gather around you for that one last time,
Have you thought what will they have to say?
When they think back on the memories you shared,
Have you thought which ones will come rushing back?

While endlessly running in this worldly race,
Have you thought what really is your finish line?
Before chasing that next elusive dream,
Have you thought to pause and enjoy what you’ve already achieved?

In the chaos and madness of this busy life,
Have you thought to look at what you’ve built thus far?
When you were a child and wanted to grow up to be someone,
Have you thought to ask the mirror if that someone looks like you?

When you are nothing but a collection of memories and stories,
Have you thought what will the cover of your biography say?

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