If Feelings had Faces…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Have you ever wondered, if feelings had a face,
would each have a certain characteristic, shape, form or race?

I think I’ve seen the purest joy when a child reunites with his mother,
when there is nothing in the world they wouldn’t give to be with one another.

I think I’ve seen the deepest sorrow when a life is lost before its time,
when the world just seems unfair, and without reason or rhyme.

I think I’ve seen the ugliest hatred in the perpetrators of discrimination,
when it drives a human to put another through unjust humiliation.

I think I’ve seen the worst greed when the rich steal from the poor,
when money is all they see and are blinded by its false allure.

I think I’ve seen the most extreme anger when someone is betrayed,
when someone shakes the foundation of trust that over years had been laid.

I think I’ve seen eternal hope when all else seems to fail,
and nothing short of a miracle can get you out of jail.

I think I’ve seen the most unconditional love in selfless sacrifice,
when possessing ceases to be the goal, just the other’s happiness does suffice.