My First Haiku: Stillness of Silence

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For the uninitiated (like I was until a couple of days ago), a Haiku is a Japanese poem containing 17 syllables with three lines in a 5-7-5 format. There are also other technicalities of a traditional Haiku – I am no expert, and probably don’t intend to be but I thought I’ll take a shot at it.

Some of the best Haikus can be found all over the internet, mostly from traditional Japanese poets. And without much ado here’s mine!

Stillness of silence,
Then the chaos of a scream
And silence again.

If Feelings had Faces…

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Have you ever wondered, if feelings had a face,
would each have a certain characteristic, shape, form or race?

I think I’ve seen the purest joy when a child reunites with his mother,
when there is nothing in the world they wouldn’t give to be with one another.

I think I’ve seen the deepest sorrow when a life is lost before its time,
when the world just seems unfair, and without reason or rhyme.

I think I’ve seen the ugliest hatred in the perpetrators of discrimination,
when it drives a human to put another through unjust humiliation.

I think I’ve seen the worst greed when the rich steal from the poor,
when money is all they see and are blinded by its false allure.

I think I’ve seen the most extreme anger when someone is betrayed,
when someone shakes the foundation of trust that over years had been laid.

I think I’ve seen eternal hope when all else seems to fail,
and nothing short of a miracle can get you out of jail.

I think I’ve seen the most unconditional love in selfless sacrifice,
when possessing ceases to be the goal, just the other’s happiness does suffice.