An Abecedarian of Life

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Alphabet is the mother of language
Brushstrokes conspire to create a picture
Cultures truly shape society
Diversity defines all parts of nature
Empathy strengthens humanity
Friendship gives life meaning
Gratitude teaches appreciation
Humility keeps us grounded
I’s combine to form a We
Justice has its own timeline
Karma catches up to us all
Love is the supreme feeling
Mind is an infinite canvas
No is a necessary evil
Opinion is everyone’s right
Poetry is a song of the soul
Qualities are a man’s adjectives
Revolution is born out of oppression
Silence isn’t always golden
Time is your most precious commodity
Unsaid remain the most profound thoughts
Vicarious are a reader’s pleasures
Words are the most powerful weapons
Xenophobia has no place in this world
Yet we need to preach and teach diversity
Zero is the absolute truth.