My First Haiku: Stillness of Silence

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For the uninitiated (like I was until a couple of days ago), a Haiku is a Japanese poem containing 17 syllables with three lines in a 5-7-5 format. There are also other technicalities of a traditional Haiku – I am no expert, and probably don’t intend to be but I thought I’ll take a shot at it.

Some of the best Haikus can be found all over the internet, mostly from traditional Japanese poets. And without much ado here’s mine!

Stillness of silence,
Then the chaos of a scream
And silence again.

If I Could Learn…

Reflecting back onto the things I could learn from this world...
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If I could learn from a mother,
I’d learn to love without condition.
If I could learn from a father,
I’d learn to be the invisible pillar of strength without suspicion.
If I could learn from a child,
I’d learn to trust without hesitation.
If I could learn from a dog,
I’d learn to be loyal without expectation.
If I could learn from a friend,
I’d learn to read what’s in another’s head.
If I could learn from a lover,
I’d learn to hear what’s still unsaid.
If I could learn from a farmer,
I’d learn to die of hunger so that others could eat.
If I could learn from a tree,
I’d learn to give shade to others while enduring sweltering heat.
If I could learn from a teacher,
I’d learn to pass on all my knowledge and wisdom.
If I could learn from a king,
I’d learn to truly devote oneself to one’s kingdom.
If I could learn from a pauper,
I’d learn to be thankful for every full meal.
If I could learn from a doctor,
I’d learn the responsibility that comes with the power to heal.
If I could learn from a saint,
I’d learn the virtue of patience.
If I could learn from an ant,
I’d learn the true meaning of perseverance.
If I could learn from water,
I’d learn the ability to adapt.
If I could learn from fire,
I’d learn to separate fiction from fact.
If I could learn from life,
I’d learn to enjoy every phase without complaining.
If I could learn from death,
I’d learn how to give life its true meaning.

How do I write my first post?

Well, I just created this blog and kept wondering what my first post should be and the Blogging University advises me to just get going without being too self-critical and do a “crappy first draft” if it may end up being that.

I should probably start with the motivation behind this blog and there probably isn’t one big “Why”, but a combination of many “Why Nots”. So, basically I thought Why Not…

  1. start a new hobby – With the painfully long amount of time the current pandemic stricken world has allowed all of us to spend with our own selves, why not use this time to start a new hobby?
  2. rekindle the love for writing – Throughout my childhood growing up, as well as as a college kid about 10 yrs ago, I dabbled my hand at writing blog posts which sit in a blog that shall not be named and I’ve always been convinced I’ll one day write a book and sell enough copies (read millions) to retire on the money, so while that sounds like a distant dream, why not start small?
  3. build a memoir for myself – And when I am telling the world my journey after I am a successful writer (see #2), surely a blog will help me write a memoir and serve as inputs into the greatest autobiography of all time, so why not make a start towards that now?
  4. find out if people really care? – Haven’t we all had a feeling that the world is missing out on all these incredibly profound thoughts we have, these incredibly funny jokes we make that make our loved ones laugh, these amazing life hacks we just figured? And so why not put it all out there and see if there is an audience?
  5. make a little side income? – This isn’t surely the least of all but it makes sound less greedy if I optically place it last, but after spending my free time reading a ton of articles on how to make money online or on how to retire at 40, why not explore if uncle Google can actually help you take a penny from the billions it makes via ads?

And so, as I start this new blogging journey, we’ll see how long this lasts and I am going to use this short 5 point list as a checklist for what I set to achieve and where I ended up.